To the glory of heaven by the eight beatitudes. Novena before the Beatification of the Servants of God of the Ulma Family

The expected beatification of the Ulma family will be a great event of faith for the Church,…

The expected beatification of the Ulma family will be a great event of faith for the Church, announcing to the whole world the saving power of Christ’s Passover, which was revealed in an extraordinary way in the life and death of the martyrs from Markowa.

Thus, the beatification will be an official confirmation of their sanctity and salvation, and, inscribed in the memory of the Church, will forever become an impulse for its followers to imitate them and invoke their intercession with God. The point is not that the history and martyrdom of the Ulma family only moves us and arouses admiration, but inspires and strengthens us to follow Christ bravely towards holiness, towards the glory of heaven.
As part of numerous preparations for the beatification, not only on the forum of the Archdiocese of Przemyśl, many publications and media broadcasts were published, a number of various conferences and meetings were held. They also include a novena before the beatification on September 10, 2023 in Markowa. It refers to the liturgical tradition of the Church, which prepares for special celebrations of faith through novenas. The proposed novena concerns each parish of the diocese and focuses on the daily Holy Mass. Therefore, it does not require special, additional preparations from priests. All you have to do is reach for ready-made pastoral materials and use them creatively, within your parish possibilities and your own priestly zeal.

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